"Regulars Rules" of the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry, US Army, Vietnam

The "Regulars Rules" was a small (4" x 5") 87 page handbook compiled in early 1971 at the
1st Battalion 6th Infantry Tactical Operations Center on LZ Dottie for use by infantrymen as
a guide for training and operations.  It represented the optimum combat procedures and techniques,
and was based on the combat experience of members of the battalion.  Shown below approximately
full size, the booklet was issued to each member of the Battalion.   The table of contents/index:

1.   Letter of introduction
2.   Nine Rules
3.   Leadership
4.   Rules of Engagement
5.   Intelligence Evaluation
6.   The Enemy in Your Hands
7.   Tips on VC / NVA Mines & Booby Traps
8.   First Aid
9.   Helicopter Operations
10. Radio Procedure
11. Tactical Operations
12. Mechanical Ambushes
13. Patrol Formations
14. Artillery Fire Support
15. Gunships and Aerial Rocket Artillery
16. Close Air Support
17. Naval Gunfire Support Call for Fire
18. M16A1 Rifle Maintenance
19. Small Unit Operations and Combat Tips
20. The Regulars' Rules
21. Weapons Reference Section

  The format section at the end of the handbook was particularly important.  While training at
Fort Benning and elsewhere helped to prepare infantrymen for Vietnam, the requests for support
(e.g., artillery fire, Dustoff medivac requests, helicopter gunships, USAF Tac air, enemy contact
reports, etc.) used in combat were tailored to the support units in the Area of Operations.  If
junior leaders in the Battalion were inexperienced (or wounded or killed), any soldier in the unit
could pick up the handbook and call for support on tactical radios.  Hopefully, they would have
read it before the "S--- hit the fan."

  The handbook was illustrated with pen and ink drawings by a talented soldier who worked
in the LZ Dottie TOC as an RTO--SP4 Jimmy Todd.  The drawing of  booby traps, for example,
were based on those that had been encountered in the field,  sometimes with fatal results.  After each
separate page of  handbook was prepared on a manual typewriter at the TOC and illustrated,
they were compiled and sent to the rear.  "PPC Japan" published the handbook.

  Today, the Regulars Rules handbook is an invaluable reference tool of historical information.

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