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1st  Battalion  6th  Infantry
 United States Army
198th Infantry Brigade      Republic of Vietnam     23rd Infantry Division
                                                                                                    ( AMERICAL)
This collection is an off-line version of the web site dedicated to the soldeirs of the 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry, 198th Infantry Brigade, 23rd Infantry Division (AMERICAL), who fought and died in Vietnam. This CD contains photos, documents, articles, stories, and etc. collected from both official and unofficial sources concerning combat operations by a US Army infantry battalion.   Click on the buttons for detailed information.

This is the CD version of the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry web site.  While buttons and the primary selection pages should link correctly, links on other pages may work only on the web while on line.  Links within the CD are shown in normal type, while links to the web are in italics.

     The 1st Battalion 6th Infantry served for 1,492 days of combat operations during the war in Vietnam.   [Note:  as a point of historical reference, only 335 days passed during WWII between the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day and the unconditional surrender of German military forces on 7 May 1945.] 

     During the first year of combat in Vietnam, over 100 soldiers from the Battalion were killed in action while hundreds more were wounded.  The brave soldiers of the
1st Battalion 6th Infantry left a legacy of sacrifice and dedicated service in Vietnam that will not be forgotten.

      This CD includes more than 90 HTML pages containing detailed historical information and over 500 official and unofficial photos.  Dozens of other photos dealing with tactical operations by the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry in Vietnam are available by links to the internet.  Those links may be accessed if the CD is viewed while the web browser is connected to the internet.

      Construction of the web site featured on this CD began on 4 July 2000.  By mid-August of that year, more than twenty former soldiers had contributed photos, articles, rosters, etc. to the site.  By the time the web site was revised on 10 October 2000 and the counter was reset, it had been visited with 2,579 "hits" on the web.  By June, 2004, the home page had been "hit" more than 50,000 times.

     Special thanks are due at this time to:  Les Hines, the ADVA Vietnam Historian,
for his invaluable work on the AMERICAL Division ORLLs; Ray Tyndall, Ray Mendez, and Dennis Linn (3/B/1-6 Inf 1970-71) for their numerous photos; and others who have contributed photos and documents.  While any one of us, individually, may not have much from that era that has not been lost, collectively we have a wealth of information and photos to share.  Even one picture, one order, one list of soldiers, or one story will add to the historical record of the unit.  The motto of the 1st Bn 6th Inf--Unity is Strength--clearly is visible as the contents of the web site and this CD grow from individual contributions of historical material.

     For detailed information about combat operations by the AMERICAL Division in Vietnam, and links to other units, visit the Americal Division Veterans Association web site.

     To make contributions of copies of photos, articles, stories, documents, rosters, etc. to the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry Vietnam-era web site and this CD, or to comment or ask questions about the content, please contact Wayne R. Johnston (1st Bn 6th Inf, 1970-71) at

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