Map Information as of 1965 for 1:50,000 tactical maps used by the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry,
Americal Division, US Army, Vietnam

Legend for Edition 1, Series L7014, Army Map Service maps of Vietnam.
Note:  The map symbols on this page were used on the tactical maps referred to by soldiers in the 1st Bn 6th Inf while serving in Vietnam. 

The contour interval shown on the map is 20 meters with 10 meter supplementary lines. 

The 1965 G-M angle for these maps was only 1/2 degree. For all practical purposes, the map and compass readings were identical.

To give a standard reference on these maps to the nearest 100 meters, locate the first vertical grid line to the left of the referenced point and estimate tenths.  Then locate the first horizontal grid line below the point and estimate tenths.  Always read RIGHT then UP. 


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