There are many excellent Vietnam era sites available on the web.  This list of links generally
                       will be limited to those sites that are somehow related to the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry.

Other 1st Battalion 6th Infantry Sites:

The Dirty Third.  An outstanding collection of  photos of soldiers from the 3rd Platoon, Co B,
1st Bn 6th Inf by Ray Tyndall (3/B/1-6 Inf 1970-71) (

2nd Plt. B/1-6 Inf.  Tom Brizendine ( has a site dedicated to his platoon
during the 1968-69 time frame.  Details about a fight with the 22nd NVA Regt. during Tet.

Artillery Units:

A Btry., 1st Battalion 14th Artillery  David Pendergraft ( shares photos from
LZ Gator, LZ Dottie and other locations for a unit that fired 105mm howitzers in support of the
infantry.  The site also has technical information about artillery shells.

C Btry., 1st Battalion, 14th Artillery  Clarence L. Marrs ( has photos and information
on his site about this 105mm howitzer battery from 1967 to 1971 -- LZ Bayonet, LZ Bowman, LZ Fat
City, LZ Professional and many more.  Excellent photos and details about the firebases.  Some slow
loads, but worth the wait.

1st Battalion 82nd Artillery   Ron Griffin (  (155mm howitzers at LZ Dottie)
shares his photos and rosters from 1970-71.

Aviation Units:

Minutemen, 176th Assault Helicopter Company.  This site is an excellent source of information and
photos from a unit that flew for the 1st Bn 6th Inf on a daily basis in Vietnam.  Great stuff  from
Carl Zipperer (Minuteman 27) ( and others!!

Boxcars, 178th Assault Support Helicopter Company.  This site from the Boxcars Veterans Association
has good information and photos about the CH-47 Chinhook helicopters that flew in support of the
1st Bn 6th Inf.

Dolphins and Sharks, 174th Assault Helicopter Company.  While the 174th AHC did not fly in support
of the 1st Bn 6th Inf as often as did the Minutemen of the 176th AHC, they did so frequently--particularly
when the unit was attached for operational purposes to the 196th Infantry Brigade.  The 174th AHC web
site is one of the finest Vietnam War web sites with over 1,000,000 hits since it was begun.

Other Support Units:

59th Engineer Company (Land Clearing) Tim Botts ( operated a land clearing
dozer, Shark 59er, in 1969 - 1970.  He has gathered photos from about 25 other "Bushwhackers."
The site includes many photos of land clearing in the Batangan in 1970.

Miscellaneous sites with information relating to tactical areas of operations

1st Battalion 46th Infantry   Ken Sukimoto's site for another infantry battalion that served with both the
196th Infantry Brigade and the 198th Infantry Brigade in the same areas as the 1st Bn 6th Inf.

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