23rd Infantry Division (AMERICAL) Casualty Report Codes

The following Casualty Report Codes apparently were used for the 23rd Infantry Division
(Americal) for computer casualty lists produced from January 1970 through January 1971.

MISC           Minor injuries which may be of special interest to news media

FRIAR         Slightly wounded or injured as a result of hostile action

          E         Elect to notify next of kin

          NE      Non-Elect to notify next of kin

DRIVE         Wounded or injured in action (not very seriously injured or wounded)

SMITE        Very seriously wounded / injured as a result of hostile action

ETHER        Died as a result of hostile action before reaching a medical facility

HINGE         Died as a result of wounds received in hostile action

PUNCH        Missing in action

LOYAL        Non-hostile serious injury or very serious injury

REACH        Non-hostile death after reaching medical facility

CROWN       Non-hostile death prior to medical treatment

NON-C          Source of record is other than casualty database

NBI               [Non battle injury; included helicopter crash-malfunction, and friendly fire]

SHIFT          [Serious NBI]

IMPEL          Unknown

DETER          Unknown

COACH        Unknown

Other abbreviations of interest:

27th Surg     27th Surgical Hospital located at Chu Lai

91st Evac     91 Evacuation Hospital located at Chu Lai

D23; 1/6; or Bn   Battalion level medical aid station

COD             Cause of Death

FW               Fragmentation Wounds

FX                 Fracture

GR or GRP   Graves Registration at Chu Lai

GSW             Gun Shot Wound

LAC              Laceration

MFW           Multiple or Massive Fragmentation Wounds

PMW           Penetrating Missile Wound

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