Artillery Support for 1st Battalion 6th Infantry in Vietnam

Eight inch gun fires in support of infantry soldiers northwest of LZ Dottie in 1969.  Note the outgoing
round visible in the upper right corner of the photo.

105mm howitzers at LZ Dottie, 1969.  Note the fighting positions near the howitzer.

105mm howitzer at LZ Dottie, 1969.  Looking eastward.  At this point in the development of the
firebase, the defensive wire is not too extensive.  LZ Dottie was subjected to a ground attack by the
Viet Cong on 6 Jul 1969, resulting in 6 VC KIA in the wire entanglements near the perimeter.
Additional view of LZ Dottie early in its development.

All photos on this page were provided by Ed Tackett.  If you recognize them or know soldiers who
served at LZ Dottie in the 1968-69 time frame, please contact

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