Infantry Weapons of the 1st Battalion  6th Infantry, US Army Vietnam 1967-71
Pistol, Cal .45 M1911A1.
Weight  2.5 lbs
7 round magazine
Maximum Range  1,500 m.
Effective Range     50 m.

Top: Grenade Launcher, 40 mm. M79
Weight  6 lbs unloaded
Maximum range  400 m
Effective range 150 m point targets;
                        350 m area targets.

Bottom:  M203 

Both the M79 and M203 fired a 40 mm projectile.  The High Explosive HE rounds are shown at right.  The steel ball fragmented into thousands of pieces. 

Casualty radius   5 m.

Machinegun, 7.62mm, M60
Weight  23 lbs
Cyclic rate of fire  550 rpm
Maximum range  3,725 m.
Effective range    1,100 m.

Burning up old linked ammo.  Photo by Dave Bliss C/1-6 1967-68.

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