Viet Cong Propaganda Leaflets - Hill 270 [BT 421 047 - Nui Da Ong], February, 1970

In January, 1970, Jim Jansma and other soldiers from Delta Company, 1st Battalion 6th Infantry, 198th Infantry
Brigade, 23rd Infantry Division (AMERICAL), captured the following four enemy propaganda leaflets.

"American service men! 

Intellectuals, students and us progressive people all over the United states have no desire to support this war.  They don't want their boys dead uselessly as 35,000 u.s boys have laid down their lives in Vietnam for the selfish interests of Nixon.  The have absolutely condemned the Nixon's war and demanded an end to this war, Repatriation of all u.s troops.

As being the soldiers in the Vietnam battlefield why can yhou help being forced to get killed in this dirty war of Nixon?"

"Do rise up!  Refuse to fight.  Let support the struggle movement against Nixon's war.

Demand an end to the war

Get out of fighting now alive!

Quangnam National Front for Liberation"


"Join the struggle to save yourelves and the honor of the United States.

The US government has acknowledged that the Vietnam war is the third in the war history of the United states, as far as us casualties are concerned.  Up to 10 p.m. March 31, total American death in Vietnam already surpassed the Korean war toll of 33,639 GIs, the 100,000 wounded for life were not included.  It is worth moticing that the figures released by us authorities are always far below the truth.

Anyhow Nixon goes on embarcimg headlong into this costly, deadly, unjust, aggressive war thus wasting more of the American youth's blood

Your parents, wives and children at home as well as the progressive American people are worrying for...[continued right]

"your fate as each hour each minute goes by.

Support our boys!  Bring them home immediately and alive!"  This indignant shout is resounding throughout the United States.  Nixon's juggle of withdrawing a paltry portion of the 500,000 US troops to soften the angry public opinion can by no means deceive anyone.  On the contrary it will make the majoirity of GIs more desperate and indignant and raise the American people's anti-war tide of struggle all the higher.

Join in this struggle to save yourselves and the honor of the United States.

Demand that US troops be withdrew totally and unconditionally from South Vietnam.

The Central Trungbo National Front for Liberation"

"American G.I's!

Your loved ones back home don't want you are far away from home then thousands of miles to uselessly for the selfish interests of a few men.  The are struggling to demand an end to the war in order to bring you home alive.


Why can you help being forced to be the last one killed in this war by a warlike company in washington?"      [continued right]

"Do listen to the angry voice of your people in the demons trations against the Nixon's war on this october.

Rise up!  Refuse to fight to demand an end to the war, peace for Vietnam Repatriation of all u.s troops.

Quangnam National Front for Liberation"


"Who pin down you in this hell to get a full hard ship life and useless death.  Nixon, Laird, Abrams, Bunker are!

Who cause the cosysences of your families have been separated and a great many dream, like love parties broken?  Nixon, Laird, Abrams, Bunker are!

Who are struggling for defense of the highest ideals, of U.S.A demanding to withdraw all U.S troops from South Vietnam to save thousands of U.S youths are survival in Vietnam.

Let the Vietnamese people themselves settle their own affairs.

The progressive American people your parents, wives, children and yourselves as well "                                        [continued right]

"What a pity! On the 
Christmas and New year
The U.S mothers, wives 
are mourning their ill-fated sons
husbands died in Viet-Nam
a remote country."


Jim tells the story of the find in his own words:
"I belonged to the mortar platoon of Company D of the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry. In January of
1970, approximately 8 of us were sent out on a day time patrol beginning at the southwest base of
Hill 270 moving north. The purpose was to make contact with the enemy as we had one of our
guys KIA and one WIA the previous day by booby traps. The trail we followed was old and we
took turns walking point and cutting our way through the dense growth. By late afternoon we had
made our way to the northwest side of the hill where we ran into a fully uniformed Vietnamese. A
brief fire fight ensued followed by quiet. The fire fight was very one sided on our behalf. Our
assumption was that there may have only been two to four enemy max. Night was quickly
approaching and we had a choice to make, stay the night and set an ambush or fall back and
return the following morning with a much larger force. We inventoried our remaining ammo. and
decided it would be wise to return to fight another day.

The following morning we returned to the location of the fire fight and found a couple of bloody
rags and a fresh trail which led east. We followed the freshly worn path and came upon a small
base camp on the southeast side of Hill 270. It had all appearances of being recently vacated as
we found empty soup cans with Russian labels, Chinese literature, rice knives, and numerous
propaganda leaflets. We were relatively certain that the leaflets were being printed at this location.

I sent the four leaflets home enclosed with a letter. The soup can labels, literature and rice knives
were sent back to our company headquarters.

Unfortunately, 34 years have passed and the details have faded. But to the best of my recollection
those were the details.

Jim Jansma
Co."D" 1st Bn 6th Inf."

Another example of a VC propaganda leaflet was provided by Fred Riegel, the 2nd Platoon Leader,
A Co., 1st Bn 6th Inf from Sep. '68 to June '69.

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