Photos from Ray Tyndall, 1st Battalion 6th Infantry, US Army Vietnam 1970-71

Ray Tyndall has furnished invaluable support for the creation of this web site and CD.  In addition to
his many photos, his own website honoring the 3rd Plt., B Co., 1st Bn 6th Inf, and the numerous
documents, Ray's suggestions and comments have been invaluable.  All us old soldiers who recognize
the scenes in his many photos owe him a "thank you."

October 1970 Photo furnished by Ray Tyndall.  Soldiers from B Co, 1st Bn 6th Inf await a
 helicopter lift from Hill 128 (BS 688 879) to LZ Dottie.  They have been conducting night
 ambushes and pulling day time security for 59th Engineer Company (land clearing).  L to R
 Arnold, Mendez, Kurtenbach, Migulle, Tyndall.

1970 Ray Tyndall and Ray Mendez take a break near a Vietnamese M113 APC in the 1st Bn 6th
Inf area of operations.  The are two California "dudes" who were great soldiers, and remain good
friends to this day.

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