Tactical troop movements by truck, 1st Battalion 6th Infantry, US Army, Vietnam 1970

Not all troop movements in the 1st Bn 6th Inf area of operations in Vietnam in 1970-71 were by
helicopter.  Trucks sometimes were used to move soldiers from Chu Lai or LZ Dottie to the
Pacification Villages in the TAOR.  Although these troop movements were along dirt roads that
supposedly were under GVN control, the threat of mines was constant.  It was more likely at that
time that the VC would mine the road than try to ambush the small convoy.  Consequently, most
of these troop moves were made after considerable traffic had used the routes.

Two photos above provided by Rick Wade C/1-6 Inf, 1970-71.  While troop travel on the dirt roads
in the tactical area of operations could provide anxious moments, daylight travel on QL1, the main
highway between Chu Lai and Quang Ngai, was relatively safe. This was not true, however, if you
happened to be in the first vehicle to make the trip after the sun rose--QL1 belonged to the VC at
night, and they planted many mines under the cover of darkness.  Photo below by Earl Pogue, 1-14
Artillery, at BS 637 764 looking to the east of QL1.

Pagoda seen from truck during tactical move 1971.  Photo by Rick Wade C/1-6 Inf.

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