Saigon--finally, after all you saw on television or heard on the news in the "world," there you are,
in an exotic foreign city.  You feel totally defenseless without the weapon that never was more
than an arm's length away.  This is alien territory for an infantryman who has spent nine months in
the field, and, in a strange way, you long to get back to the cover and concealment where you
feel safe.  1971 photos provided by Dennis Linn B/1-6 Inf.  Link to Saigon Story.

You don't mind the wire mesh on the bus windows that gets in the way of good photos--after
all, it is supposed to keep grenades and explosive charges out.

There are better ways to see Saigon than from inside a bus, but you are a stranger here, and
you might get your watch ripped off your wrist.

Just another American "tourist" in Saigon (SSG Joe Samanko) in 1971.  He and SGT Dennis
Linn (1/6 Inf 70-71) had dropped off their prisoner and were seeing the sights.

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