Photos from the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry, Americal Division, US Army, Vietnam

 Enlarged versions of these photos (and hundres of others with detailed captions) are best viewed from the Photo Page.

1LT Joe Trez, B/1-6 Inf, on resupply flight
Four 155mm howitzers fire from LZ Dottie
Viet Cong sabotage Binh Son RR bridge
Troops on parade, Change of Command, 1st Bn 6th Inf
Soldiers on stand down at Chu Lai
Amen, 1/14 Arty 105mm howitzer #4 at LZ Dottie
Captured Viet Cong supplies, Thanksgiving, 1970
Shadow of a lift helicopter on small LZ
Secretary of the Army with Bn S-3 MAJ Proctor at Van Thien pacification ville
Hills east of LZ Dottie and artillery defenses
Pagoda east of LZ Dottie
Crashed OH-6 Light Observation Helicopter
4.2 in. mortar; fire support from Nui Pho Tinh
Coast east of LZ Dottie
OH-6 LOH at Chu Lai
Daylight patrol, 3/C/1-6 Inf east of LZ Dottie
Chu Hoi safe conduct pass
Medivac helicopter approaches to pick up wounded soldier
Vietnamese commerce near daylight defensive position
Final approach into a resupply LZ
Tactical truck convoy east of LZ Dottie
Resupply arrives for 3/B/1-6 Inf at pacification ville
Tactical truck convoy cross rice fields east of LZ Dottie
Crashed OH-6 helicopter
Vietnamese house south of LZ Dottie
Military Payment Certificates
Patrol by B/1-6 Inf soldiers near Tam Hoi
Change of Command for LTC James W. Sawey
A motley crew of soldiers near Hill 128 east of LZ Dottie
Gunship pulls up after firing run, Thanksgiving 1970
The Regulars Rules, a training information booklet for 1st Bn 6th Inf
Village bunkers and defenses in the 1st Bn 6th Inf tactical area of operations
Jungle patrol from C/1-6 Inf southwest of Chu Lai
Bridge defended by PF soldiers near LZ Dottie
Delivering resupply from Chu Lai
River ferry at Van Thien pacification ville
Soldier pops yellow smoke during jungle patrol west of Chu Lai
Soldiers from mortar platoon B/1-6 Inf at Dai Loc pacification ville

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