Pacification Villages -- Each of the four infantry line companies in the 1st Bn 6th Inf took their turn in
participating in the Combined Unit Pacification Program (CUPP) in selected villages on the  Batangan
in 1970-71.  The company broke down into platoons to assist Popular Forces (PF) and People's Self
Defense Forces (PSDF) Vietnamese soldiers in protecting their hamlets against attacks by the Viet
Cong.  The US units also were to provide training to the PF forces in subjects such as perimeter defense,
patrolling, mechanical ambushes, PSYOPS, and field sanitation.  Ultimately, the PF and PSDF forces
were to be responsible for protecting the hamlet from attack, providing security for GVN hamlet officials,
and defending local commerce and communications.  The PF soldiers also would collect, report, and
disseminate intelligence information.

In June 1970, one of  the objectives of Viet Cong operations was to disrupt the pacification effort.  They
did this through harassment attacks on US and PF outposts, assassination of local GVN officials, and
kidnapping of local people for indoctrination and labor.  The importance of their efforts was evidenced by
the influx of NVA replacements to Local Force VC units and their numerous small unit attacks on isolated
PF outposts.  Night ambush patrols near the pacification villes frequently intercepted the VC.

An Thinh (1) at BS 691 805.  SGT "Kid" Ridgeway at the defensive position overlooking the ville.  This
1970 view is looking to the NE.  Photos provided by Dennis Linn & Ray Tyndall(3/B/1-6 Inf 1970-71).

These soldiers (George Leger, Ray Mendez, Gene Arnspiger, and Ray Tyndall) from 3/B/1-6 Inf clean
their weapons while sitting on a culvert covered bunker on the northwest side of the American defensive
position at An Thinh (1).
The Americal Division CUPP pacification efforts began in Oct 69 in three hamlet areas:

Phu Vinh BS 683 799
(An Thinh 3)

Phu Thanh BS690 787
(Van Thien 2)

My Loc BS 677 779
(Chau Sa 2)

Efforts at An Thinh 1 began in 1970.

AMS Map Vietnam 1:50,000, Series L7014 Sheet 6739 II, Quang Ngai. Carried in the field and provided
by Bryan Beaderstadt A/1-6 Inf, Aug 69-70. (

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