Military Payment Certificates  MPC

Military Payment Certificates (MPC) of the type used by US Forces in Vietnam during 1970-
1971.  Rather than using US currency, these "funny money" certificates were used in the PX
system and on base.  In spite of all efforts, US currency and MPC were used on the
local economy.  MPC were reissued periodically, making counterfeiting and black market
activities more difficult.  Anyone who had a large "stash" of a certain series of MPC would
end up with worthless paper when the MPC series changed.  Soldiers could only redeem
certain amounts of MPC.  Photo contributed by Wayne Johnston (1-6 Inf 70-71)
Two additional examples of Military Payment Certificates.  MPC were issued in different series - note that the submarine background on the 50 cent MPC was the same as the 5 cent MPC shown above.  Photo provided by Ray Tyndall (B/1-6 Inf 70-71)

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