LZ Minuteman, BS 786 857

This small LZ and FSB was the home to Co E mortars for a time in 1970 and 1971.  It was the first LZ
built on the Batangan Peninsula earlier in the war.  It also served as a base for land clearing operations
by 59th LCC, 1-20 Aug 70

Bill Collier poses with the sign at LZ Minuteman in May 1970.  The heavy 4.2 in mortars from E Co., 1st
Bn 6th Inf provided fire support from that location.
A UH1 resupply helicopter pauses at LZ Minuteman in 1971.  The small firebase, located at the center of
the Batangan Penninsula (visible on the upper right grid square of the map shown above), was named in
honor of the 176th Assault Helicopter Company, radio call sign Minuteman, who flew in support of the
1st Battalion 6th Infantry.

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