Water Point near LZ Dottie (1971)

Early morning at the water point defensive position at BS 623 865 on the Sui Loc river just north of
LZ Dottie on highway QL1.  Note the M60 and the claymore mine "clacker" next to the kitty.  Photo
from Ray Mendez (3/B/1-6 Inf, 1970-71) who spent his last six weeks in Vietnam as the NCOIC
at the small outpost.  "Here is an unusual picture, not because it is morning, but because of the cat.
It was the only cat I saw during my tour.  I guess the local folks eat them!"
Above left - the defensive positions at the bridge and water point while a gunship circles overhead.
An engineer unit at the water point provided water for purification for LZ Dottie.
Above right - water purification engineer Jack Vosika stands next to one of the bunkers with an M60.

Looking eastward from the water purification site toward the hills (right) to the east of LZ Dottie.

Duty at the water point provided a window on the Vietnamese people and their customs.  This farmer
carries his plow to and from work -- at least that is what he appears to be.
Ray Mendez with M-79 grenade launcher next to a bunker in May 1971.  Note the chain link fencing to
be placed in front of bunkers to cause the early detonation of rocket propelled grenades.  Most vegetation
within hand grenade distance of the fighting position next to Jack Vosika had been removed.

A Vietnamese wedding procession passes wire entanglements at the bridge defenses and water point.

Excitement at the water point.  A UH1 helicopter was forced to land on QL1 near the bridge after taking fire.
While gunships provided cover, a CH47 Chinook helicopter extracted the damaged aircraft.  The villagers
lined the road to watch.

Note the water purification trailer in the background.

Ray Mendez remembered that night duty at the water point "could be hair-raising at times" at the small
outpost over 1,000 m. to the north of LZ Dottie.  But daylight sometimes brought relaxation and fresh melons.    Did someone forget to tell these guys that this was a water point for drinking water!!

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