LZ Dottie, BS 630 855

The following photos were taken at LZ Dottie by Ray Mendez (3rd Plt, B Co., 1st Bn 6th Inf)
during 1970 and 1971.

Ray Mendez at the VIP helipad sign just outside the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) at LZ Dottie in 1971

Cleaning weapons at LZ Dottie after a successful combat mission.  Looking southwest toward the rock quarry.

L to R. James Maestas and Jeff Blakeslee of D/1-6 Inf at a bunker at LZ Dottie. The Battalion Tactical Operations Center (TOC) is visible in the background with many "292" radio antennas.

A canvas "Lister Bag" with water at LZ Dottie.  The water is cooled as some of it evaporates through the material.  Ray's comment "A squared away guy - his last mission and my first."

LZ Dottie in the early morning form the air just before touchdown on the LZ just outside the western perimeter.

Ray Mendez standing on the deck of an 8 in. self propelled gun at LZ Dottie.  The gun was named "DEROS" on the tube.

Several UH-1 helicopter wait during the rainy season on the PZ/LZ airstrip on the western side of LZ Dottie.

From the western perimeter of LZ Dottie, looking across a corner of the VIP helipad toward the mess tent (center) and the Battalion Aid Station (on right).  SGT Dennis Linn is facing.

Approaching the Engineer gate at LZ Dottie.  These soldiers have just unloaded from a CH-47 Chinook helicopter on the LZ (shown above) just to the west of the firebase.

The trash dump at LZ Dottie.  The Vietnamese would take anything of value, food, cans, plastic, etc and make something useful form it.

Above - a longer range view of the trash dump at LZ Dottie.
Left - the showers at LZ Dottie.  Note the radio antenna in the rear.  Soldiers from the 3rd Plt., B Co., 1-6 Inf, are in the "wait" mode of "hurry up and wait" in getting ready for a combat patrol.

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