LZ Center (BT 052 250) and surrounding area.  Photos from Bob Leahy (B/3-82 Arty 1969-70)

The flag over the 3d Bn 21st Inf Bn  tactical operations center at LZ Center in early 1970.  The 1st Bn 6th Inf was there in May 1968.

All supplies and personnel for LZ Center arrived by helicopter.
Air strike going in to the north of LZ Center.  Note the barbed wire entanglements on the slope.  Soldier
at a "piss tube" on the south side of LZ Center.  Note the chain link fence designed to detonate rocket
propelled grenade rounds (RPG) before they hit the bunkers behind the fence.  Barbed wire concertina
farther down the slope kept enemy sappers out of hand grenade range.

Nui Hoac Ridge rises behind artillerymen from B/3-82 FA.

Western end of Nui Hoac Ridge. (Bob Janke C/6-11, '68)

View to the west southwest of LZ Center.

View of an air strike to the west northwest of LZ Center

Fog in the valley, thought to be to the east of LZ Center

Laundry drying on the RPG fence and another air strike!

Artillerymen from B/3-82 FA in action from LZ Center.

Sunset from  LZ Center.  Pretty, but it gets dark out there.

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