Hill 270   Quad 50 Machine Guns

Btry G, 55th Arty (Quad) operated their guns from Hill 270 in 1971 in support of 1st Bn 6th Inf
operations in the Rocket Pocket just northwest of Chu Lai.  1971 Photos by Rob Cook

The Eliminator at Hill 270 in 1971 pointed the wrong way--into the perimeter to pose for this photo.
Note the chain link fence that functioned to detonate rifle propelled grenades (RPG) that might be
fired at the position.  The quad 50 weapon system  could fire in both a direct fire and indirect mode
(a plunging cone of fire from impacting rounds).  The latter method put a great strain on the gun mount.

Hill 270 bunker occupied by soldiers from Btry G, 55th Arty (Quad) in 1971.  Note the extensive
wire entanglements, the hills in the distance behind the bunker, and the steps to the IOS tower
on the right.

These two photos of the quad 50s at Hill 270 were taken in 1968 before the hill defenses were
rebuilt.  The quad 50 was pulled back to protect it and then rolled out at dusk for H&I (Harrassment
and Interdiction) fires.  Photos provided by Fred Riegel (2/A/1-6 Inf, Sep 68-Jun 69)

Nightime view of the perimeter at Hill 270 in 1971 illuminated by parachute flares.  Note the chain
link fence illuminated by perimeter lighting powered by portable generators.  Mortar fire, rifle and
machinegun fire, directional claymore mines, and the awesome firepower of the quad 50 machine
guns deterred attacks by the Viet Cong.

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