Echo Recon, 1st Battalion 6th Infantry, US Army, Vietnam, 1969-70 (1994  &  2000)

Front row, L to R, kneeling:  Wayne Hart, Thomas Mackety, Richard Bellrose, Angel Castillo, Daryl
Redder, Danny ?, Barry Brown, Bruce Johnson, Phillip Brown, MIA (KCS), Eugene Szperra
Standing, L to R:  Jerry King, William Johnson, Jim Brown, Robert Gray, ?, Danny "Red" Burriss, ?,
Doug Burford, Danny Collins, Roger Oelrich, ?, Mike Volo, Stephen Burkett, ? Jones, Miley  Bailey

Standing, L to R:  Mike Korkavi, Jim Kittson, Roger Oelrich, Roger Gray, Richard Bellrose, Danny
Collins, Jim Brown.  Front L to R:  Gary Thompson, Phillip Brown, Miley 'Beetle' Bailey  [Florida
reunion, 1994]

Alabama reunion, 2000.  Back L to R:  Eugene 'Doc' Szperra, Richard Bellrose, Mike Horkavi,
Gary Thompson.  Seated L to R:  Danny Collins, Bary McNeil, Philip Brown, Jim Brown (furnished
all 3 photos).

These former members of Echo Recon, 1st Bn 6th Inf, are looking for other members of the platoon
from the 1969-70 time period who are listed at this link.  If you know of others who should be
included, or if you would like more information, please contact Jim Brown

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