LZ  DOTTIE  at BS 630 855, home of the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry from 22 Mar 70 to 14 Jun 71.

Looking east from the VIP helicopter pad toward thet Tactical Operations Center gate at LZ Dottie 1970.
Note the many radio antennas just the right edge.  The sign was added in Nov 1970 for a visit by GEN
Abrams, the commander of all US forces in Vietnam.  (Below) An OH-6 LOH at the VIP pad.
Both photos from by Rick Phillips, who served as aCrew Chief, 176th Assault Helicopter Company 70-71

An OH-6 Light Observation Helicopter (LOH) on the VIP pad at LZ Dottie in late 1970.  The pilot
of this particular aircraft, Philip E. Richard (aka Gooch)

View to the northwest from the chopper pad at LZ Dottie, toward the hamlet of Xuan Yen Ta (2)  The
green Army "water buffalo" is destined for a helicopter sling load ride to a forward fire support base on
the Batangan, while the Vietnamese water buffalo is really a tractor.  Early 1970 photos above and
below provided by Earl Pogue, 1-14 FA.  (Both photos may be enlarged)

A sling load of ammunition has company on the pad at LZ Dottie.  View is to the southwest, with the
edge of the quarry just on the other side of the road visible at left.

Rick Wade's photo of he and David Compton (3rd Plt, C Co. 1st Bn 6th Inf 1970-71) at LZ Dottie.
Rick was an M-60 gunner, while David was an extraordinary pointman.A chance to get cleaned up
(note the clean uniforms) and shaved at LZ Dottie after weeks in the field meant living in a tin hut,
pulling guard duty on the bunker line, and performing necessary chores.  It also meant real food in
the mess tent rather than C-rations out of cans, a bunk bed rather than the ground, and loud music
in a hootch instead of whispers in the hedgerows.

Note the tin structure in the background: a two-hole latrine, containing two cut-off 55 gal drums to
catch the s---, and then to be burned.  Someone had to stir the mess to be sure it burned completely.
This was the real smell of Vietnam in the morning--burning fuel oil mixed with s--- (not burning napalm).

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