LZ Dottie-home of the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry, 198th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division, US
Army, Vietnam. 1970 photos provided by Bud Carlson, D/1-6 Inf, 1970-71.

The following four photos provide views from LZ Dottie to the south, west, and northwest.

Looking southward at bunker construction near the VIP helicopter pad.  The quarry hill starts just to
the right of the extreme right edge of the photo.  Fuel oil was placed on the ground to reduce dust.
July 1970 photo provided by John Large.

LZ Dottie, August 1970, looking southwest.  The VIP pad is on the right and the TOC is behind the
photographer.  Highway QL1 runs across the photo in front of the quarry hill. A rifle range at the base
of the quarry was used to zero and test fire weapons.  Two photos by Bud Carlson combined for view.

Panorama view of the mountains to the west northwest of LZ Dottie.  This 1970 photo from John Large,
C/1-6 Inf, was taken on the bunker line at the extreme right of the previous panorama photo.

Looking north from LZ Dottie.  The hill mass of FSB Nui Pho Tinh 8 km away is visible in the distance.
155mm howitzers from A/1-82 have just fired a salvo.  1970 photo from John Large.

Composite photo looking to the southeast, toward the single ship PZ on the southeast corner of the
firebase.  The VIP pad would be behind the photographer, while the Vietnamese portion of the firebase
would be to the left rear.

This crude composite photo shows several of the bunkers and a large building with a tin roof.
Both composite photos prepared from an 8mm film clip shot at LZ Dottie in 1970 by Lynn Baker.

Similar view to the northwest from LZ Dottie.  Quarry hill is just out of view to the left.  The VIP pad
is to the left rear of the photographer.  John Foster (B/1-6 1970-71) took this photo of an unknown
explosion in the ville across from the large LZ at Dottie.  Looking back to the east, the photographer
would have seen the shower below.

All the conforts of home were available at LZ Dottie, including the hot(?) running water from a shower
stall built under an abandoned aircraft wing tank. You wouldn't drink the water, but it was ok for
bathing.  Looking eastward from near the bunker line on the west side of the firebase.  Note the
numerous radio antennas protruding from the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry Tactical Operations Center
(TOC) visible in the background.   August 1970.

Looking westward back toward the shower tank from near the TOC where a new bunker is being
constructed.  The two posts in the center of the photo are the gate to the VIP helicopter pad.  They
hold up chain link fence designed to stop RPG rounds.  A fancy sign to the TOC was added in November
for a visit by General Abrams.

Bunker line at LZ Dottie, August 1970.  Note the dirt and sandbag birm, the old ammunition boxes
filled with dirt to provide protection from exploding shells, and the Pee-tube protruding from the ground
--a practical solution for field sanitation.

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