LZ Dottie, home of 1st Battalion 6th Infantry 1970-71

Soldiers from 2nd Platoon, Co C., 1st Bn 6th Inf prepare for a patrol at LZ Dottie in July 1970.  Two
soldiers have been identified.  Johnny Dowdy (standing with hat) and SGT Buddy Rose (kneeling with
hat) are loading magazines for their M-16s.   They are just outside the briefing tent adjacent to the
1st Bn 6th Inf Tactical Operations Center TOC.  Note the numerous radio antennas at the TOC and
the chain link fencing surrounding the TOC.  The fence was designed to detonate VC RPG rockets
before they hit the sides of the TOC.  Photo furnished by Basil "Ricco" Pederzani 2/C/1-6, Jan-Nov 70

"Doc" and Will Ascencio resting at LZ Dottie in 1971 before their next mission.  Note the hammock
in the background.  Photo provided by Will Ascencio, B/1-6 Inf 1971.

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