Scout Dogs and Mine Dogs - Supporting 1st Battalion 6th Infantry

Dog support for the 1st Bn 6th Inf came from the 63rd IPCT unit located at Chu Lai.  These included
mine dogs, tunnel dogs, and Combat Tracker Team dogs.  Use this link to the Combat Tracker Team
web site to obtain detailed information about this unit and their contribution.
In late July 1971, soldiers from the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry provided security to the 59th Land
Clearing Engineer Company in the vicinity of Hill 43, northeast of LZ Dottie.  These soldiers behind
the birm at the edge of the Hill 43 probably are preparing to move out on a daytime patrol to pull
local security for the land clearing bulldozers.  Mine dogs were used to sniff out explosives in
boobytraps, while patrol dogs sniffed out any enemy that might be hiding in ambush positions.

This photo of an unidentified dog handler and his dog provided by Arthur "R.C." Casto (facing camera near poncho tent) 2/B/1-6, 1970-71.


Corky at LZ Dottie

Jarvis Ellis and Ike

Jan Milles contributed this photo of a dog and handler supporting the unit in 1968-69.

Photo provided by Dave Bliss (C/1-6 1967-68)

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