Aerial Resupply Mission, 1st Battalion 6th Infantry, US Army, Vietnam 1971

View from UH1 resupply helicopter of landing zone at BS 464 955 in early 1971

Final approach into a large landing zone (LZ).  Note the ground guide with his arms raised over his
head directly in front of the nose of the aircraft.  The pilot will approach the ground guide, who will
then hold his arms horizontally and lower them gradually as the aircraft touches down.  Note the
two soldiers standing off to one side who are ready to unload the aircraft in matter of seconds.
Soldiers securing the perimeter of the LZ are not visible.  Once the aircraft had departed, they
will pack the new gear as quickly as possible and move several km away from the location that
has been pinpointed by any enemy observing where the helicopter landed.

Resupply mission aircraft in the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry tactical area of operations.  Tall grass
on the LZ was not readily apparent from altitude, and could conceal obstacles, holes, and booby
traps.  Photos provided by Dennia Linn, B/1-6 1970-71.

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