Command and Staff, 1st Battalion 6th Infantry, 1968, US Army, Vietnam

L to R:  CPT Chapman (CO, B Co); CPT Reeves (former CO, B Co); MAJ Beasley (Bn S-3);
CPT Bradley (Bn XO);  CPT Brennan (CO, A Co); CPT Walton (CO, C Co)(wounded later
that evening); LT Milles (CO, D Co); LT Smith (CO, HQ Co); LT Bradbury (CO, Cmbt Spt Co);
LTC Kelley (Bn Cdr) at a  staff meeting 21 Jul 1968 on Hill 69 (BT 467 068).  Original photo
and caption information provided by John Beasley (

L to R:  CPT Bradley; MSG Canfield (1SG HHC); CPT  Plunkett;  CPT Grayson;  SGM Price;
and Chaplain Hargis at LZ Bayonet

Meeting at Hill 69 TOC, 16 Jul 1968.  MAJ Norse, Ly Tin Advisor; LT Meek, Artillery LNO;
ARVN interpreter; CPT Hardy, Bn S-5; PF Leader; LT Miles, CO D Co: Assistant Advisor; and,
CPT Price, Bn S-2.

Americal CG and 198th Inf Bde Cdr visit 1/6 Inf in July 1968 for an awards ceremony.  L to R -
MG Gettys, COL Thomas, LTC Kelley, Div SGM Rogers, Aide, 198th Bde SGM Smith
LTC Kelley administers oath as SGM Price reenlists for another 3 years on 29 Jul 68 CPT Hardy, Bn S-5 departs the 1st Bn 6th Inf on 4 Oct 68.
Above - CPT Price and LTC Kelley in UH1 for an aerial recon on 5 Jul 68.

Right - LTC Kelley and COL Waldie (198th Inf Bde Cdr) confer at Hill 218 in Apr 68.  Official photo provided by Dave Ross HHC 67-78.

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