Artillery at LZ Bayonet

Several photos from the 1968-69 time frame at LZ Bayonet.  Artillery units at these positions frequently
fired at targets in the "Rocket Pocket" in the low hills in the background in support of infantrymen from
the 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry.   Photos provided by Ed Tackett.

View from LZ Bayonet looking southwest.  Note the 105 tube high angle of fire at left, and guard tower
in the distance.

Looking at the breech of a 105mm howitzer pointed at 5350 mils (northwest) from LZ Bayonet.  The
red shell containers positioned along the edge of the gun pit allowed the artilleryment to pivot the tube
and get it pointed in the general direction of the target while the fire mission was calculated.

The business end of the same howitzer looking in the other direction (southeast).  The 3200 post on
the right of the photo is due south.

Side view of the same howitzer, looking northeast.  The 6400 post on the left is due north.

Preparing to move the battery.  Note Alley OOP! painted on the howitzer.  If anyone recognizes the
particular howitzer displayed in these photos, please contact

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