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The pages listed below display photos contributed by the named individuals.  To view these photos, simply click on the underlined name to activate the link.  Please note:  many photos that these individuals have contributed are shown on specific web pages displayed elsewhere on this CD rather than in these selections. 

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National Archives II   (21 photos) The Souther Cross  (12 photos)
Les Hines, ADVA Historian Vic Vilinois     USMC    1965-66 
Ed Garr     USMC     1965-66 .
. .
1967 - 1968 .
Don Kaiser  A/1-6  (45 photos) Dave Ross   HHC/1-6
Alan Allen    A/1-6 Tony Hall   HHC/1-6   (13 photos)
Howard Walker   D/1-6 and HHC/1-6 Jan Milles   D/1-6  (6 photos)
Mike "Tiny" Readinger USMC  Al Sims  Radar, 1-14 Arty
Bruce Day   Radar, 1-14 Arty Dave Bliss, B/1-6   (40 photos)
Tommy Foley  3/2/A/1-6 Inf (6 photos) Joe De Frank B/1-6 (6 photos)
Larry Swank  LNO 1-14 Arty, FO for A/1-6
. .
1968  - 1969 .
Earl Pogue  A/1-14 Arty    (12 photos) David Gibson   2/D/1-6  (10 photos)
David McBeth   B & HHC  (5 photos) John Naughton  USARV (5 photos)
Ray "Whitey" White   A/1-6  (6 photos) Bill Kelley  HHC/1-6 (13 photos)
Jim Bertrand A/1-6 .

. .
1969 - 1970
John Foster   4/B/1-6 John "Doc" Large   C/1-6
Jim Cottam   D/1-82 Arty Terry Ivy    C/1-6 (10 photos)
Lynn Baker   D/1-6  Basil "Ricco" Pederzani    2/C/1-6
Tom Botts   59th Engr (LC) Bill Collier A & E/1-6 (12 photos)
. .
1970 - 1971 .
Ray Tyndall   3/B/1-6 and HHC/1-6 [150+ photos] Dennis Linn    3/B/1-6 and HHC/1-6  (32 photos)
Ray Mendez 3/B/1-6 [149 photos] (1 - 29) Ray Mendez 3/B/1-6 [125 photos]   (150 - 179)
  (30 - 67)  (68 - 95)  (96 - 124)  (124 - 149)  (180 - 218)  (219 - 245)  (246 - 275)
Rick Wade   3/C/1-6  (32 photos) & (18 photos) Sid Tracy  C/1-6 and HHC/1-6  (20 photos)
Arthur "RC" Casto   2/B/1-6  (16 photos) Bud Carlson    D/1-6  and  HHC/1-6  (12 photos)
Rob Cook   Btry G, 55th Arty (Quad 50) Will Ascencio   B/1-6  (13 photos)
Chris Banigan  91st EVAC  Rick Phillips   176th AHC
Greg Wise Ward Odom    A/1-6
Gary "Mule" Phelps 59th Engr (LC) Bill Klee
Chuck Schumacher   E/1-6 Jim Lawrence   B/1-6 (3 photos)
Stetson Tinkham FO, 1-14th FA (C/1-6) Wayne Johnston HHC, B, C & E/1-6 Post RVN
Ron Hatley  1/C/1-6  (40 photos) John S. Pugh D/1-6  (12 photos)
. .
Others .
Ed Tackett  1/14 Arty  Rolf Gerster,  Swiss Army
Doug Huffman Matthew Bunk, The Daily Inter Lake

[Note:  Most of those who have contributed photos are listed above.  To contribute copies of photos to the
1st Bn 6th Inf web site, please contact Wayne Johnston at for additional instructions.
Generally photos may be submitted by email as bmp files.  Please do not submit originals if using snail mail.
Photos that are not used on general information web pages will be posted in albums.]
     All the photos contributed by an individual (including those used on specific web pages as well as those shown in an these albums) may be viewed in an automatic slide show presentation shown on the computer monitor. 

     Use Windows Explorer to select an individual's album (found in a named subdirectory of the Albums directory of the CD); then click on the 00SlideShow icon in each person's sub-directory to view the photos.  No captions are included in the slide show.

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