This page displays historical information for combat operations involving the 1st Battalion,
6th Infantry during the war in the Vietnam.  The 1st Battalion 6th Infantry served for 1,492
days of combat operations during the war.  [As a point of historical reference, in W.W.II
only 335 days passed between the time the Allies hit the beaches on D-Day in Normandy
until the German military forces surrendered unconditionally on 7 May 1945.]

On May 17, 1967, the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry was reorganized as a standard infantry battalion
and was assigned to the 198th Infantry Brigade.  The Battalion was the first element ashore in
Vietnam, arriving in October 1967 to participate in its thirty-fifth battle campaign and ninth war.

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry stand arrayed behind the 198th Infantry Brigade colors
upon their arrival in Vietnam in 1967.  US Army photo provided by Dave Ross (HHC 1/6 67-68).

The information in these narratives is based on official historical records now stored at the
National Archives II, College Park, MD.  Special thanks are due to Les Hines, the Vietnam
Historian of the Americal Division Veterans Association, for the countless hours he spent
in transcribing official documents.  The 23d Infantry Division (Americal) Operational Reports
Lessons Learned (ORLL) that Les transcribed have provided additional historical information
for this site.

Operational names in the index at left are linked to detailed historical accounts.  Each selection
also may contain information about specific combat actions for the period identified.  It is not
necessary to use the browser back arrow before selecting another combat operation.